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Various Dharani (from Soto-shu source)

October 18, 2007

Dharani for Inviting the Cloudlike Hosts of Spirits*
(Unshû kijin chôshô darani)
[Chinese, chant 3 times]

[X] No bo


gyari tari

*Dharani for Breaking Down the Gates of Hell and Opening Throats*
(Ha jigokumon kai inkô darani)
[Chinese, chant 3 times]

[X] On boho teiri


*Dharani for Sanctifying the Food with the Unimpeded Radiance of Innumerable Virtues*
(Muryô itoku jizai kômyô kaji onjiki darani)
[Chinese, chant 3 times]

[X] No maku


baro kitei


*Dharani for Bestowing the Ambrosial Taste of the Dharma*
(Mô kanro hômi darani)
[Chinese, chant 3 times]

[X] No maku

soro baya



soro soro

hara soro

[Z 3rd chanting only]
hara soro


*Dharani for Contemplating Vairocana through the Graph “Heart” on a Disk of Water*
(Birushana ichiji shin suirin kan darani)
[Chinese, chant 3 times]

[X] No maku

san manda

[Z 3rd chanting only]
bota nan ban.

*Dharani for Invoking the Precious Names of the Five Tathagatas*
(Go nyorai hôgô chôshô darani)
[Chinese, chant 3 times]

[X] Homage to the Tathagata Abundant Treasures.

No bo

bagya batei

hara bota

ara tan no ya

Quell deeds of greed;

let blessings and wisdom be replete.

[X] Homage to the Tathagata Wondrously Hued Body.

No bo

bagya batei

soro baya

Remove ugly forms;

endow with pleasing looks.

[X] Homage to the Tathagata Ambrosia King.

No bo

bagya batei

ami ritei

aran jaya

Anoint bodies and minds,

giving joy and ease.

[X] Homage to the Tathagata Expansive Body.

No bo

bagya batei

biho ragya


Throats opened wide,

with drink and food be satisfied.

[X] Homage to the Tathagata Freedom From Fear.

No bo

bagya batei

[Z] 3rd chanting only]
aba en gyaraya

[Z] 3rd chanting only]
Fear utterly eradicated,

be freed from the state of hungry ghost.

*Dharani for Producing the Thought of Enlightenment*
(Hotsu bodaishin darani)
[Chinese, chant 3 times]


bo jishitta


hada yami.

*Dharani of Giving the Bodhisattva Samaya Precepts*
(Ju bosatsu sammayakai darani)
[Chinese, chant 3 times]


san maya

sato ban.

*Secret Root Dharani for Dwelling in the Great Jewelled Pavilion*
(Daihô rôkaku zenjû himitsu konpon darani)
[Chinese, chant 3 times]

[X 3rd chanting only]
No maku

[X 3rd chanting only]



mani hara bei

tata tani tashani

mani mani

soha rabei

bima rei shagyara

genbi rei

un nun jin bara jin bara


biroki tei



gyara bei


on mani

baji rei un

[Z] on manida rei

un bat-ta.

*Dharani for Initiation into the Mantra of the Radiance of the Buddhas*
(Shobutsu kômyô shingon kanchô darani
[Chinese, chant 3 times]

[X] On


bei rosha no

maka bodara

mani han doma

[Y] jin bara hara bari

[Y] taya un.

*Dharani for Bequeathing Liberation*
(Hakken gedatsu darani)
[Note: Usually this dharani is not chanted.]



boki shaboku.

*Verse for Dedicating Merit*
(Ekô ge)

With the good karma gathered in this practice, we repay the virtuous toils of our fathers and mothers, that the living may be blessed with joy and long life without distress, and the deceased freed from suffering and born in the pure land. May the four benefactors, sentient beings in the three classes of existence, and those born in the three evil destinies and eight difficulties all be able to repent their transgressions, purify their defects, entirely escape the round of rebirth, and be born in the pure land.

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