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Shingon Prayers

The following comes from the Northern California Koyasan Temple. It is put here for the purpose of sharing only. No infringement of copyright is intended.

Shingon Buddhism Services

A listing of the different prayers and mantras


Om sarva-tathagata-pada-vandanam karomi. (Skt.)

(Three times)

(Om I bow down at the feet of all the Tathagatas.)

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LEADER: All my past deeds

originating from greed, hatred, and ignorance are products of my own physical, verbal and mental misdeeds. I repent all wrongdoings committed by my body, mouth and mind.

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Three Jewels

LEADER: We put our faith in Buddha.

May we all together realize Buddhahood to attain awakening.

LEADER: We put our faith in Dharma.

May we all together dwell in Buddhas Teachings and attain the infinite wisdom.

LEADER: We put our faith in Sangha.

May we all together be of One in accord and harmony and live the life of Universal Brotherhood.

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Three Refuges

LEADER: I take refuge in the Three Jewels.


  • Buddham saranam gacchami. (I take refuge in the Buddha.)
  • Dharmam saranam gacchami. (I take refuge in the Dharma.)
  • Sangham saranam gacchami. (I take refuge in the Sangha.)

(Repeat the Sanskrit statements three times.)

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Ten Precepts

LEADER: From this day forward

GROUP: I will do my best to observe Ten Precepts.

1. I will not harm life.
2. I will not steal.
3. I will not commit adultery.
4. I will not tell a lie.
5. I will not exaggerate.
6. I will not speak abusively.
7. I will not equivocate.
8. I will not be greedy.
9. I will not be hateful.
10. I will not lose sight of the Truth.

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LEADER: In pure faith


  • I awaken the mind of Enlightenment. I aspire, together with others, to cross over the sea of birth and death, and quickly reach the shore of liberation.
  • On boji shitta boda hadayami. (Jpn.)
  • Om bodhi-cittam utpadayami. (Skt.)
  • (Om I aspire to evolve the Awakened mind.)

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Bodhicitta – Awakening mind Samaya

LEADER: I, a child of the Mahavairocana Buddha,


  • will abide in the Buddhas great compassion and wisdom. As the embodiment of the Buddhas Wisdom, I will make a wholehearted effort to help others.
  • On sanmaya satoban. (Jpn.)
  • Om samaya sattvam. (Om I am united in the vow.) (Skt.)
  • Om samayas tvam. (Om you are united in the vow.)

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LEADER: The unsurpassed, profoundest, and most exquisite Truth is

difficult to encounter, even in one billion kalpas.* Now we are about to see, listen to, and hold the sutra containing the Truth. May we understand the true meaning of the Buddha’s message.

LEADER: Hannya Shin Gyo, the Heart Sutra is

the essence of Buddhism and Esoteric Buddhism in particular. If I uphold, recite and expound this sutra and offer it to others, I can be freed from suffering and can attain Buddhahood. If I practice the teaching given herein and contemplate its meaning, I can find the Path to Awakening. This sutra is the lamp of the world that sheds light upon darkness. It is the raft that carries all sentient beings safely across the sea of birth and death. May I enter deeply into the meaning of the sutra and recite it earnestly.

Footnote: *Kalpa – A fabulous unit of time. For example, the time required for a celestial woman to wear away a ten cubic mile stone if she touched it with her garments once every hundred years.

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Sutra Recitation

Hannya Shin Gyo

LEADER: Bussetsu Maka Hannya Haramita Shin Gyo

Kanjizai bosa, gyo jin-hannya-haramita ji, shoken goun kai ku, do issai kuyaku. Sharishi, shiki fu i ku, ku fu i shiki, shiki soku ze ku, ku soku ze shiki, ju-so-gyo-shiki yakubu nyoze. Sharishi, ze shoho kuso fusho fumetsu, fuku fujo, fuzo fugen. Zeko ku chu mu shiki mu ju-so-gyo-shiki; mu gen-ni-bi-zet-shin-ni; mu shiki-sho-ko-mi-soku-ho; mu genkai naishi mu ishikikai; mu mumyo, yaku mu mumyo jin naishi mu roshi, yaku mu roshi jin, mu ku-ju-metsu-do; mu chi yaku mu toku, imu shotokko. Bodaisatta e hannya-haramita ko, shin mu kege; mu kege ko, mu u kufu; onri issai tendo muso kugyo nehan. Sanze shobutsu e hannya-haramita ko, toku anokutara-sammyaku-sambodai. Kochi hannya-haramita, ze daijinshu, ze daimyoshu, ze mujoshu, ze mutodoshu, nojo issai ku, shinjitsu fu ko; ko setsu hannya-haramitashu, soku sesshu watsu: Gyate, gyate, hara-gyate, hara-sogyate, boji sowaka. Hannya-shin-gyo.

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The Heart Sutra of Perfect Wisdom


When the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara was practicing prajna-paramita (a profound form of contemplation), he clearly saw that the Five Skandha* are Sunya* and thereby became free from all suffering.

O Sariputra,* form is sunyata, sunyata is form; form is none other than sunyata, sunyata is none other than form. The same can be said of sensation, conception, predisposition and consciousness.

O Sariputra, all dharmas * are characterized by dependence upon causation; they are neither born nor do they perish; they are neither tainted nor immaculate; they neither increase nor decrease.

Therefore, in sunyata there is no form, no sensation, no conception, no predisposition, no consciousness; no eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body or mind; no form, sound, odor, taste, tangibleness or objects of thought; no realm of the eyes,… no realm of consciousness.* There is no ignorance, no extinction of old age and death. There is no suffering, no origination of suffering, no extinction, no path. There is no wisdom and no attainment because there is no object to be attained.

The Bodhisattva, because of his reliance on Perfect Wisdom, has no obstacle in mind; because he has no obstacle, he has no fear. Being free from all delusions he reaches ultimate Nirvana. All the Buddhas of the past, present, and future, relying on Perfect Wisdom, attain perfect Awakening. One should, therefore, know that the prajna-paramita is the great mantra, the mantra of great wisdom, the highest mantra, the incomparable mantra, which is capable of relieving all suffering; it is true and not false.

Thus, the prajna-paramita mantra is:

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhisvaha. (Gone, gone gone beyond, gone together, perfectly beyond, O Awakening, hail!)


1. Five Skanda* – form, sensation, conception, predisposition and consciousness.
2. Sunya or Sunyata* – state of interdependent causation.
3. Sariputra* – One of the ten great disciple of Sakyamuni Buddha.
4. Dharmas* – Law, truth, things and non things, Buddhas teaching, the whole universe as the object of thoughts.
5. no realm of eyes, … no realm of consciousness*
The Eighteen Realms of sensory means, objects and consciousness.

Sensory means eyes ears nose tongue body mind
Objects form sound fragrance taste tangibleness/touch objects ofthoughts
Consciousness visual auditory olfactory gustatory tactile nonsensuous

The Heart Sutra of Perfect Wisdom is Buddha’s words to Sariputra.

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Thirteen Mantras

This sutra is Buddhas words to Sariputra.

1. LEADER: Fudo Myo-o (Acala Vidyaraja)


  • Nomaku sammanda bazaradan senda makaroshada sowataya un tarata kamman. (Jpn.)
  • Namah samanta-vajranam chanda maharosana sphotaya hum trat ham mam. (Skt.)
  • (Homage to the all-pervading Vajras! O Violent One of great wrath! Destroy! Hum trat ham mam.)

2. LEADER: Shaka Nyorai (Sakyamuni Tathagata)


  • Nomaku Sammanda bodanan baku. (Jpn.)
  • Namah samanta-buddhanam bhah. (Skt.)
  • (Homage to all the Buddhas! Bhah.)

3. LEADER: Monju Bosatsu (Manjusri Bodhisattva)


  • On a rahashano . (Jpn.)
  • Om ara pa ca na. (Skt.)
  • (Om a ra pa ca na.)

4. LEADER: Fugen Bosatsu (Samantabhadra Bodhisattva)


  • On sammaya satoban. (Jpn.)
  • Om sammaya sattvam. (Om samayas tvam.) (Skt.)
  • (Om I am (you are) an embodiment of the pledge.)

5. LEADER: Jizo Bosatsu (Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva)


  • On kakaka bisammaei sowaka. (Jpn.)
  • Om ha-ha-ha vismaye svaha. (Skt.)
  • (Om Oh Wondrous One svaha.)

6. LEADER: Miroku Bosatsu (Maitreya Bodhisattva)


  • On maitareiya sowaka. (Jpn.)
  • Om maitreya svaha. (Skt.)
  • (Om Compassionate One svaha.)

7. LEADER: Yakushi Nyorai (Bhaisajyaguru Tathagata)


  • On koro koro sendari matogi sowaka. (Jpn.)
  • Om huru huru candali matangi svaha. (Skt.)
  • (Om heal, heal; Candali Matangi svaha.)

8. LEADER: Kannon Bosatsu (Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva)


  • On arorikya sowaka. (Jpn.)
  • Om arolik svaha. (Skt.)
  • (Om Unstained One svaha.)

9. LEADER: Seishi Bosatsu (Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva)


  • On san zan zan saku sowaka. (Jpn.)
  • Om sam jam jam sah svaha. (Skt.)
  • (Om may defilements be removed svaha.)

10. LEADER: Amida Nyorai (Amitabha Tathagata, Amitayus Tathagata)


  • On amirita teizei kara un. (Jpn.)
  • Om amrta-teje hara hum. (Skt.)
  • (Om save us in the glory of the Deathless One hum!.)

11. LEADER: Ashuku Nyorai (Aksobhya Tathagata)


  • On akishubiya un. (Jpn.)
  • Om aksobhya hum. (Skt.)
  • (Om Immovable One hum.)

12. LEADER: Dainichi Nyorai (Mahavairocana Tathagata)


  • On abiraunken; bazaradato ban. (Jpn.)
  • Om a-vi-ra-hum-kham; vajra dhatu vam. (Skt.)
  • (Om All Pervading One; Imperishable One.)

13. LEADER: Kokuzo Bosatsu (Akasagarbha Bodhisattva)


  • Nobo akyasha kyarabaya on arikya mari bori sowaka. (Jpn.)
  • Namo akasagarbhaya om arya kamari mauli svaha. (Skt.)
  • (Homage to the great Space-bearer who holds a flower and wears a garland and a jeweled crown svaha.)

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Light Mantra

LEADER: The Light mantra contains,


  • In its syllables, the entire power of the omnipresent Mahavairocana Buddha. When we recite the mantra earnestly; the Light of the Buddha will embrace us. Illusions will disappear spontaneously, as the moon becomes free from mist.
  • On abokya beirosha no maka bodara mani handoma jimbara harabaritaya un. (Jpn.)
  • Om amogha-vairocana mahamudra mani-padma-jvala pravarttaya hum. (Skt.)
  • (Om Unfailing Vairocana, the great mudra (symbol), mani (jewel), padma (lotus), and jvala (light), evolve! Hum.)

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LEADER: Let us take refuge in our Great Master, Kobo Daishi,

Namu Daishi Henjo Kongo. (Jpn.)

( I take refuge in the Great Guru, the Vajra of all-pervading spiritual radiance.)

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LEADER: We reverently pray

for eternal harmony in the universe. May we attain Buddhahood in this very life in this esoteric realm of Mahavairocana. May the weather be seasonable, may the harvest be fruitful, may countries exist in harmony, and may all people enjoy happiness. May we share these benefitsequally.

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Universal Prayer

LEADER: May the merits we have accumulated


  • be extended universally to all sentient beings so that they, together with us, may equally realize the Awakening.

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Myo-ho rengekyo kanzeon bosatsu fumon bon dai nijugo ge Niji mujinni bosa igen mon natsu Se son myo so gu Ga kon ju mon pi Busshi ga in nen Myo i kan ze on Gu soku myo so son Ge to mu jin ni Nyo cho kan non gyo Zen no sho ho jo Gu zei jin nyo kai Ryakko fu shi gi Ji ta sen noku butsu Hotsu dai sho jo gan Ga i nyo ryaku setsu Mon myo gyu ken shin Shin nen fu ku ka No metsu sho u ku Ke shi kou gai i Sui raku dai ka kyo Nen pi kan non riki Ka kyo hen jo chi Waku hyo ryu ko kai Ryu gyo sho ki nan Nen pi kan non riki Ha ro fu no motsu Waku zai shu mi bu I nin sho sui da Nen pi kan non riki Nyo nichi ko ku ju Waku hi aku nin chiku Da raku kon go sen Nen pi kan non riki Fu no son ichi mo Waku chi on zoku nyo Kaku shu to ka gai Nen pi kan non riki Gen soku ki ji shin Waku so o nan ku Rin gyo yoku ju ju Nen pi kan non riki To jin dan dan ne Waku shu kin ka sa Shu soku hi chu kai Nen pi kan non riki Shaku nen toku ge datsu Shu so sho doku yaku Sho yoku gai shin ja Nen pi kan non riki Gen jaku o hon nin Waku gu aku ra setsu Doku ryu sho ki to Nen pi kan non riki Ji shippu kan gai Nyaku aku ju i nyo Ri ge so ka fu Nen pi kan non riki

Shisso mu hen bo Gwan ja gyu fukkatsu Ke doku en ka nen Nen pi kan non riki Jin jo ji e ko Un rai ku sei den Go baku ju dai u Nen pi kan non riki O ji toku sho san Shu jo hi kon nyaku Mu ryo ku hisshin Kan non myo chi riki No gu se ken ku Gu soku jin tsu riki Ko shu chi ho ben Jippo sho kokudo Mu seppu gen shin Shu ju sho aku shu Ji gokki chiku sho Sho ro byo shi ku I zen shitsu ryo metsu Shin kan sho jo kan Ko dai chi e kan Hi kan gyu ji kan Jo gan jo sen go Mu ku sho jo ko E nichi ha sho an No buku sai fu ka Fu myo sho se ken Hi tai kai rai shin Ji i myo dai un Ju kan ro ho u Metsu jo bon no en Jo sho kyo kan jo Fu i gun jin chu Nen pi kan non riki Shu on shiÕtai san Myo on kan ze on Bon non kai cho on Sho hi se ken non Ze ko shu jo nen Nen nen mossho gi Kan ze on jo sho Okku no shi yaku No i sa e ko Gu issai ku doku Ji gen ji shu jo Fuku ju kai mu ryo Ze ko o cho rai

Ni ji ji ji bo sah soku ju za ki zen byaku butsu gon se son nyaku uh shu jo mon ze kan ze on bo sa hon ji zai shi go fu mon ji gen jin zu riki sha to chi ze nin ku doku fu sho bussetsu ze fu mon bon ji shuju hachi man shi sen shujo kai hotsu mu toh do anoku tara san myaku san bodai shin.

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The Lotus Sutra Chapter XXV

The Gateway to Every Direction


Thereupon, the Bodhisattva Aksayamati asked a question in verse, saying:
“O Bhagavat, endowed with excellent marks! I now wish to ask you about him once again: For what reason is the heir of the Buddha Named Avalokitesvara?”

The Bhagavat, endowed with excellent marks, answered Aksayamati in verse:
“Listen to the practices of Avalokitesvara, which have their application to all! His vow is deep like the ocean and his kalpa is of inconceivable length. After having attended many thousands of kotis of Buddhas, he made a great, pure vow. I will now explain it to you in brief:

If you hear his name and see his body, and contemplate him in thought, your life will not be in vain; and you will extinguish all sufferings.

If anyone wants to hurt you and pushes you into a great fire-pit, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, the fire-pit will change into a pond.

If you drift upon the great ocean and meet danger from dragons, fish and demons, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, you will not be swallowed by the waves.

If you are on the peak of Sumeru and are pushed by somebody, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, you will stay suspended in the air like the sun.

If any evil one chases you and pushes you from Mount Diamond, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, not even a single hair will be hurt.

If evil robbers sorround you each with a sword and the intent to harm, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, the tought of mercy will awaken in them.

If you suffer under the punishment of a king and you life is to be ended by execution, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, the sword will be immediately broken into pieces.

If you are imprisoned with a neck chain, your hands and feet fettered, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, they will disappear and you will be released.

If anyone wants to hurt your body with a curse or poison, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, these ills will return and afflict their authors.

If you meet evil raksasas, poisonous dragons or demons, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, they will not dare to hurt you.

If you are surrounded by evil beasts whose teeth and claws are fearfully sharp, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, they will run away swiftly and to an immeasurable distance.

If there are lizards, snakes, vipers or scorpions, whose breath is poisonous like a flaming smoke, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, they will turn away swiftly at the sound of your voice.

If thunder resounds, lightning flashes, hail falls and great rain pours out of the clouds, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, it will disappear immediately.

If santient beings are in great adversity, and immeasurable pain afflicts them, the wonderful power of the wisdom of Avalokitesvara can relieve the sufferings of the world.

Endowed with transcendent powers and having fully mastered wisdom and skillful means, in all the worlds in the ten directions, there is no place where he will not manifest himself.

The sufferings of those in the troubled states of being: Hell-dwellers, ever-hungry spirits, and beasts; and the sufferings of birth, old age, illness and death will gradually be extinguished.

He who perceives the world with truth, purity, and vast knowledge, and with benevolence and compassion, should be ever longed for and looked up to.

He is a spotless, pure ray of light, a sun of wisdom which destroys the darkness, a flame which withstands the wind of calamities.

He brilliantly illuminates the entire world. His will, the essence of which is compassion, shakes like thunder; and the mind of mercy is like a beautiful overspreading cloud, which pours the Dharma-rain of immortality and extinguishes the flame of desires.

In a dispute before judges, or fearful in the midst of battle, if you contemplate the power of Avalokitesvara, all enemies will flee away.

He has a wondrous voice, the voice of one who perceives the world, a voice like Brahma, a voice like the rolling tide, a voice unsurpassed in this world; for this reason you should always contemplate him.

You should have no doubt, even for a moment, the pure seer Avalokitesvara will be a refuge when suffering distress or the misery of death.

He is endowed with every quality, sees the sentient beings with his benevolent eyes, and his ocean of merit is immeasurable; for this reason you should pay him homage.”

At that time the Bodhisattva Dharanimdhara arose from his seat, went before the Buddha and said to him:

“O Bhagavati! If there are any sentient beings who hear of this chapter The Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, and these effortless deeds, the manifestation of the gateway to all directions, and the transcendent powers, know that their merit will not be little!”

When the Buddha taught the chapter, “The Gateway to Every Direction,” the thought of the highest and incomparable complete enlightenment awoke in eighty-four thousand sentient beings in the assembly.

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Golden Chain

I am a link in Lord Buddhas golden chain of love that streches around the world. I must keep my link bright and strong. I will try to be kind and gentle to every living thing, and protect all who are weaker than myself. I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts, to say pure and beautiful words, and to do pure and beautiful deeds, knowing that on what I do now depends my happiness and misery.

May every link in Lord Buddhas golden chain of love become bright and strong and may we all attain perfect peace.

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O, Thou who holdest the Seal of the Power Spiritual, raise Thy Diamond Hand, and bring to naught all evil. O, Thou who purifies, purify all who are in bondage of the life corporeal. O, Thou who are Perfectly Enlightened, enlighten all men and end all suffering. O, Thou who are Perfect in Wisdom and Compassion, redeem all men and bring them to the realm Divine. Adoration to the Buddha of Perfect Wisdom and Compassion, Thou who hast accomplished, is accomplishing, and will accomplish all these Words, True and Mystical.


We are the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thoughts, sorrow follows him even as the wheel follows the foot of the drawer. The scent of flowers does not travel against the wind, but the fragrance of good people travels even against the wind. As a mother, at the risk of her life, watches over her only child, so let every one cultivate a boundless love towards all beings.


We surround all men and all forms of life with infinite love and compassion. Particulary do we send our loving thoughts to those in suffering and sorrow, and to all those in doubt and ignorance, to all who are groping for the Truth, and those whose feet are standing close beside the gate of death, we send forth oceans of Wisdom, Mercy and Love.


Reverently we come before the holy place of our Lord Buddha, the Holy One, and the Perfect One. With the deepest gratitude we have brought our offerings of universal wishes and devotion to honour Him. We earnestly resolve to strive to know and understand His Universal Dharma, and to walk everyday in His Holy Path, so that like Himself, we may attain the Perfect Peace of Nirvana.


Be to yourselves your own Light. Be to yourselves your own refuge. Thou shalt not go looking about for any other light or refuge, whoever follows, when I am gone, shall be to themselves their own light, their own refuge – whoever shall take the Truth I have taught as their light and their refuge – that they now and always will be my true disciples, will be walking in the Universal path. They will see and know the Supreme Bliss.


In my love, in my spiritual power, and in the Holy Name Henjo Kongo, I shall save all beings accompanied by Miroku Bodhisattva. Being come from the Universal power of Maha Vairocana, the Illuminated One, and return to Him with a pure, wealthy, universal, and charitable heart. They shall know Him and see happiness and peace in their land.


The Holy Saviour addressed us, on His last day, At first, I thought I should live till I was a hundred years old to save all the people in the bank of suffering, but now that you are all grown up and accomplishing my holy mission, there is no need for my life to be prolonged, and I shall not grieve, agonize and disappoint. I will leave for the eternal Samadhi on the 21st day of next March. For I will still live and save all the people accompanied by the Holy maitreya Bodhisattva as long as you cease your suffering on the earth.


He who dwells in Dharma, delights in the Dharma, meditates on the Dharma, recollects the Dharma; that man will never fall away from the true Dharma.


He who longs for life, knows that immortality is hidden in transciency. He who wishes for happiness, without the sting of regrets, receives treasures that are eternal. Truth is wealth, and a life of truth is happiness. The Dharma knows neither birth nor death; it has no beginning and no end. It is the immortal source of mind.

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